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Hands-on Review:

Sunday, July 16 at 1:00 pm (weather permitting)

Where we started and where we are now
Bring protective bee gear (a few hoods available)
Contact Lenny: 773-817-3181 or ifneedbee@earthlink.net

You bring your questions – they’ll be answered in this live demo
Inspection + Ready to Super? + Splits (even though it’s late)

Bill and Anne Mauer will be hosting this outdoor “classroom” in the midst of their sizeable apiary
4135 N. Peterson, Ludington *
Directions: from US 10, turn north onto Stiles Road. Travel about 2 miles to Victory and turn left (west).
Drive 2 miles to Peterson, turn left (south). They are the first house.
*Scottville Beekeepers brand new BANNER will be at the entrance to mark their drive!